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Must try Android apps

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Here are a few of my all-time favorite Android apps and utilities

Google Maps > Drive Home Widget #

On every phone, I’ve set up this widget to be able to quickly start up the GPS to get back home

Tapping widget opens Google Maps already in driving mode to head home
Tapping widget opens Google Maps already in driving mode to head home

Widget Setup #

Long press on desktop, choose ‘Widget’, and search for maps
Enter Home address for your destination, name the shortcut ‘Home’, and Enable ’turn-by-turn’ checkbox to start navigation immediately upon opening widget

GuitarTuna #

One of the best tuners I have found. Able to tune everything from standard, drop-D, drop-C, and even has various 7-string tunings.

SnoreLab #

I’ve been using this to track snoring and the effect of various factors / remedies over the past few years.

Flipp #

Great way to see if there are any sales or discounts and places we normally shop, all in one place.

CallU #

Seamless and automatic call recording to keep track of conversations for future reference. Also syncs to Google Drive, so local storage space isn’t hogged with call files. Can be set to turn on automatically, or after shaking the phone during a call. Note: doesn’t work for WhatsApp calls.

Mr. Number / Hiya #

I still get a spam calls every day, but after installing Mr. Number the quantity of spam has definitely decreased. It also flags calls as Potential Fraud or Suspected Spam which makes it easier to ignore those calls.