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CLI Tools

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Here are a few of my all-time favorite Command Line tools and utilities in no particular order:

  • kubectl - Kube Control, kube-see-tee-el, kube cuttle. Controls Kubernetes clusters, either local minikube ones or cloud-hosted ones (Google Kubernetes Engine, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, etc.). Allows you to directly view of the resources running in the cluster: pods, services, ingress, deployments, secrets, horizontal pod autoscalers, config maps, etc. with kubectl get NAME, kubectl describe NAME Also allows you to manually scale multi-pod deployments up and down with kubectl scale deployment DEPLOYMENT_NAME --replicas=NUMBER, as well as view logs directly on the pods with kubectl logs RESOURCE_NAME. Provides a quick way to apply many changes to the cluster with kubectl apply -f PATH/FILE_NAME.yaml. One of my favorite commands is getting into a pod with kubectl exec RESOURCE_NAME --it sh.
  • warp
  • helm
  • docker
  • bash
  • zsh
  • omz
  • jq
  • brew
  • git
  • gcloud / gsutil