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Snippets #

.gitconfig and credentials #

Assumes you have a self-hosted Gitlab / Github instance and want to redirect everything to SSH .gitconfig:

        email = [email protected]
        name = Rishi Maharaj
        autocrlf = input
        ignorecase = false
        templatedir = ~/.git_template
        defaultBranch = master
[url "git@gitlab-company-as-me:"]
        insteadOf =
[url "ssh://[email protected]:"]
        insteadOf =
        rebase = false
[url "git@gitlab-as-me:"]
        insteadOf =
[url "ssh://[email protected]:"]
        insteadOf =

Store Gitlab Personal Access Token (PAT) in OSXKeychain to not have to enter password every time while on HTTPS:

echo "\
password=xxxx" | git credential-osxkeychain store

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