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Functional Programming

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  • GeeksforGeeks - Functional Programming Paradigm - Overview of the mathematical basis of functional programming, the Lambda Calculus, and five key concepts:
    • Pure functions: always obtain the same output for the same inputs without any side effects
    • Recursion: use of recursive definitions with a base case instead of for or while loops
    • Referential transparency: no reuse of variables
    • Functions are First-Class / Higher-Order: can pass functions into other functions as parameters
    • Variables are Immutable: no changing of variables

Videos #

  • Coding Tech - Functional Programming Basics In ES6 - Nice demonstration of functional programming concepts bulit into Javascript:
    • let vs const for variable immutability
    • arrow function syntax
    • variable number of arguments, destructuring, and default parameter values
    • object merging with Object.assign()
    • making arrays immutable with Object.freeze()
Rishi Maharaj
Sr. Software Engineering Manager

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