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How to Set up VSCodium

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VSCodium is the free, open sourced, non-Microsoft-tracking-enabled version of VSCode. I have started using it instead of VSCode for work on this site, along with a few key extensions. In this post, I am documenting how I have set it up.

Install #

You can download the latest release directly on Github here and install regularly, or you can use the Homebrew command: brew install --cask vscodium

Extensions #

Access to the VSCode Extension Marketplace is not included with VSCodium by default, but we can add access via creating a product.json file in ~/Library/Application\ Support/VSCodium:

cat << EOF > ~/Library/Application\ Support/VSCodium/product.json
  "extensionsGallery": {
    "serviceUrl": "",
    "itemUrl": "",
    "cacheUrl": "",
    "controlUrl": "",
    "recommendationsUrl": ""